PAST 7/30/14

The past is nothing and somehow everything. We can’t change the past nor can we travel back into the past. The past only exists in our mind. And if we forget the past it slides into Oblivion, as if it never happened. But, the past shapes who we are and how we act. We are molded by the past. And the past effects how we deal with everything. Its this constant cycle and I kinda hate it, because someones past can haunt them and ruin their future. Guilt from the past causes pain, tears, and so much more. It can ruin the best time of your life. That sucks.


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Feels 7/29/14

Today I have a lot of feelings. My closest friend cried in front me today for the first time. He was hurting, reflecting on all of the mistakes he’d made. It made me sad to see him like this. But this made me reflect on myself. And I’ve realized. I’m sad but hopeful. Upset and yet somehow I feel content with life. I’ve been reflecting on life and its put me in this state of regret. I wish I could change the past but that’s gone now. All I can do is live for the future and do my best. I hope I do ok.


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As I drive back home through the streets we used to occupy,
I see flickers of us from another time,
Flashes rise through my brain as I think back,
Is this really how it ends?